BIRA Founder 2015 National rally champion Arthur Blick Junior 10 Times National Motocross Champion

Experience in years
10 Time Uganda National motocross champion
Motorcyclist of the year award winner

About BIRA

DSC04439Whether you are a complete beginner,novice,intermediate or advanced rider/ driver you have come to the right place.
No matter the experience level, there is always something to learn.

Services offered by BIRA: Top of the range on and off-road safety rider/ driver training at its sister top of the range venues,Victoria Raceway Park Garuga obstacle course and Busiika motorcycle obstacle course.
Choice of these obstacle courses is to provide a private venue that enables one on one training sessions between instructors and the riders.The obstacle course matches the day to day off-road riding experience.

We offer: Defensive Riding driving techniques,basic mechanical motorcycle motor vehicle maintenance,motocross racing, car racing training and refresher courses for the already experienced,a medical personnel on site,a specialised mechanic on site to mention but a few.

We influence our students to be considerate and courteous towards other road users to maintain the safety aspect of our school.

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Arthur Blick Junior also Holds

9 Time USPA motorcyclist of the year
2015 National Enduro Champion
2015 National Rally Champion
10 Time Uganda Motorcross Champion

For more information please feel free to contact us we would like to hear from you.